Fachliche Führung Ihres Teams

With us you live in the best of all worlds. You have every freedom to communicate directly with members of your team and take professional management into your own hands. But you can also sit back and leave this task to your in-house project manager. 

In our experience, this does not primarily have to do with your personal need for convenience, but is more geared towards the needs of your company. For work steps that are standardized and do not require individual briefings, it is easy to hand over technical management to your TPS project manager. If close coordination is necessary and the tasks involved are changing, it may be advisable to exercise technical leadership directly.

„Die fachliche Führung Ihres Teams kann sowohl bei uns als auch bei Ihnen liegen“

Auch hier gilt es, die richtige Balance finden und dabei jederzeit flexibel auf sich verändernde Anforderungen zu reagieren.