Local laws, contracts, and regulations

Every country has its own laws, regulations, and ways of doing business. But that should not be cause to worry. Employment or freelancer contracts will be entered with TPS so that you don’t have to be concerned about any country-specific legal and administrative requirements.

We take care of all contracts, salary and tax payments, vacation and sick leave regulations, mandatory levies, reporting to authorities and fulfilling all other requirements that come as part of doing business in South Africa.

“All local laws, regulations and requirements are dealt with by TPS”

Of course, we also carry the risk of potential labor law disputes, should employment ever need to be discontinued for business or disciplinary reasons.

Having said that … You, us and everyone else involved are more than just business partners, service providers, customers, or employees: first and foremost, we are human beings. Having everyone’s interest at heart is an important value for TPS. So should it ever be necessary to make difficult decisions, we rely on our clients, to share this value, show a high degree of cooperation and total openness in our communication.

Just as you hopefully choose us as your partner, we are as selective when it comes to doing business, always seeking people who share our values.