Initial and Ongoing Training

Initial and continuous trainings are key to achieving the highest quality in our service delivery. After all, we are not just offering high standard “run of the mill” outsourcing, but rather a service tailored to your very own requirements and specifications.

“If you already have successful work processes in place, then let us copy them”

It is that easy. If you already know what is working well and have clearly defined work processes then we should train your team in Cape Town accordingly.

If you don’t have these processes in place yet, we will simply develop them together! After all, we have more than twelve years of outsourcing experience. Most likely, we are already very familiar with the job at hand and so our focus is more about the subtleties needed to perfectly adapt to your individual needs. In those rare cases where you would like us to take over processes, we are a little experienced with we need to explore the following questions: Can we find the right people in Cape Town? Do we have the technology required to do the job? And can we acquire the necessary expertise in project management?

The initial briefings and training sessions will take place along with two of our Project Managers. This ensures that transferred know-how is not lost if your project manager is not available. From then onwards, your TPS project manager will take over the training of new employees and freelancers, if desired. Of course, you can also provide future training for new employees and freelancers yourself if you wish. In these cases, your TPS project manager will also be happy to listen in and/or participate in the training sessions.